Monday, 3 January 2011

Eel rig completed! Analysis of Rig.

Well that went surprisingly fast, the rig is now complete. I spent less than two days creating this rig, that is probably down to the simple shape and lack of complexity, although this model was always about problem solving and learning to paint weights properly. With that in mind I would say it has been very successful and I have learnt a few things too.
The biggest hurdle I have been having all term has finally been solved and I can now paint weights. It turns out it was all down to using the buggy/wrong option for painting the weights, I am satisfied atlast because it was something I had been wanting to do properly since the start of term.
I also learnt some new things such as using the sine deformer effectively, it is a great tool and added that little bit of awesome ness to the rig. Using an IK spline handle and creating clusters has been fun too as I remember doing something along those lines last year but never utilised the tools properly until now. I also learnt a neat trick from Clym, which was that I could paint weights using the component editor. I did that on the squirrel rig a little but I now see its actually very very useful. I will post up some pictures of the rig posed and some videos too perhaps.

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