Friday, 19 November 2010

Analysis of rig

Right, creating that rig sure was an experience. I did learn alot, and my confidence is slowly increasing although there still are a lot of problems that have been left unanswered which I need to solve asap. I think the areas that caused me the most problems were skinning/ painting weights, because I was not able to figure out solutions, which resulted in certain parts of the model not working properly (the ears, right hand and fingers). The area I enjoyed the most was creating the blendshapes as it was less technical than the other areas and I actually had fun whilst doing it.

For my next rig I am going to use a slightly more humanoid model I think, as I can experiment and add different features. I want to make sure I get the weights painted properly on my next rig and add a reverse footlock as I was not able to for this model.

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