Sunday, 14 November 2010

I am losing the will...

Where to begin.. I have been having a lot of trouble. I managed to sort out most of the weight issues for my rig, aside from some extremely weird problems. The weights seem to vanish from the ears every time I paint them, so I decided to just leave it be. I tried a few things but nothing seems to work.

Clym was kind enough to help me out with a few problems I had, mainly how to add some rotation to the IK controllers to allow the hands to bend and how to sort out some joint issues using the component editor. This helped me out big time and I feel I am starting to get to grips with things. That being said however, I am having some problems that I just cannot seem to figure out like why half the joints in the hands have removed themselves from the joint hierarchy and why they wont reconnect. This has resulted in me not being able to create set driven keys for most of the joints in the hands. I guess I will have to keep learning and improve with my next rig. The next stage for this rig is blendshapes which I actually feel confident with, lets hope things stay that way. I will not give up, no matter how much I wanna scream.

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