Friday, 19 November 2010

Blendshapes done

I am glad to say one area I am quite confident with in rigging is blendshapes. It has to be the most enjoyable part of it all so far. Seeing as this rig has quite a few issues I decided not to go crazy and make every single blendshape possible but do the main shapes so I could give him facial expressions. I will for my next rig however, get much more indepth and detailed.

There are 12 different blendshapes I have made which I know is not nearly enough to have a really expressive rig. I used the soft mod tool to manipulate the mesh, for some reason I did not switch on reflectivity which means some of the parts are a little off (e.g. the eye lids shutting are different in both eyes), guess I just forgot. Doing all these just reminds me why topology is so important and why I have spent so much time making sure I can make models that deform properly.

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