Friday, 12 November 2010

Getting started

We had group discussions with Dan today and he went through everyone to make sure we all know what we are supposed to be working on. I now understand clearly what I have to do for this unit and what areas I am going to be developing/ learning. I am going to be learning rigging in depth and also researching some dynamics for a specific part of the film which involves a large net full of fish.

1. Rigging
2. Test out and experiment this net of fish problem area.

This is the best opportunity to now develop my rigging skills and possibly expand my skillset. I will be learning and developing in rigging in conjuction with the film I am a part of, so that there is some direct correlation between my learning and the projects I am on. I will be creating rigs (or attempting to) so I can possibly be able to help out when it comes to rigging the final characters.

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