Friday, 12 November 2010

It begins..

I decided I would save lot of time if I downloaded a model from the net and rig that, instead of creating something brand new and wasting precious time. So after looking for a few rigs/models I found this squirrel character that I thought would be good for me to attempt to rig as it is very simplistic and reminds me of the child and penguin characters from the film I am working on.

The model came with a pretty awesome rig if I may say so and I am hoping to be able to create my own version which is hopefully a little decent. To ensure its all my own work I have deleted and removed all traces of the original rig and only kept the base meshes, I will start from scratch and see how far I can get by next weeks lesson. I am hoping to add all the key features like IK handles and blendshapes.

Wish me luck!

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